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Battlefield Region AACA Membership Application & Information

NOTE: Ownership of antique or classic automobiles is not required to join.  All auto enthusiasts are welcome!

Total annual AACA Regional and National membership dues are $60.  Local Battlefield Region AACA dues are $20.  National AACA dues are $40.  Membership in both is required.

Make your check payable to Battlefield Region for Regional dues.  Submit your completed National AACA application (enclosed or see directly to national AACA .  You will receive membership cards from them shortly.


If you are a CURRENT PAID member of the National AACA, please provide us with your membership number here _____________________, and submit your regional dues of only $20 to join the Battlefield Region AACA.

Dues and applications should be sent to:
Battlefield Region AACA
PO Box 681134
Franklin, TN 37068-1134

Date of Application ___________________
Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address   _____________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________ State _____________ Zip ____________

E-mail address _________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth ____________________

Telephone (day) (_____) ___________________ (evening) (_____) ___________________

Membership includes Spouse: Spouse’s Name _________________________ Spouse’s Date of Birth _________________


Car Make                                    Model                                               Year

________________________   ________________________  ________________________

________________________   ________________________  ________________________

________________________   ________________________  ________________________

Please list any current Battlefield Region AACA members who you know:


 or by mail to:

  Battlefield Region Antique Automobile Club of America
P.O. Box 681134
Franklin, Tennessee 37068