Help Wanted



The way to get the most out of your club membership is to get involved.  The club has many needs to be filled so we can continue to prosper and grow. Please see some of these needs below and indicate the area in which your talents or interests are. We will be in touch with you soon.  Thanks for your contribution to The Battlefield AACA

*Please return to Chris Woodside via email at or mail to:
Battlefield AACA- P.O. Box 681134-Franklin,Tn. 37068*

                     1) New member enrollment and welcoming_________

                     2) Club activities (planning & coordinating) __________

                     3) Club banquet (planning & coordinating) ___________

                     4) Club history/archives ________________

                     5) Club photography______________

                     6) Submit articles for club newsletter & website______________

                     7) Member benevolence & sympathy__________

                     8) Charity outreach__________

                     9) Club media & P.R. outreach _____________

                    10) Annual car show (planning & directing) _____________

                    11) Annual car show (registration or concessions) ____________

                    12) Annual car show (judging) ___________

OTHER (your talents/interests):____________________________________________________

NAME: ____________________________________________________________ PHONE#:___________________________________________________________