Club Members Cars

Members lets see what kind of car(s) is taking up garage space at your house. We have been getting some great pictures and stories! Keep sending them in.


Randy Shemin, 1971 Datsun 240Z at Tail of the Dragon.  I’ve owned it since 1987.

 john m

John & Rhonda McMurtrie, Own this fine piece of MOPAR History. The vehicle is a 1971 Dodge Dart GT, equipped with a 340 ci engine.  


Curt Gibbs, 1932, Ford. 


Curt Gibbs, 1952, GMC Panel Delivery Truck.


 James Morinec, 1951, Ford, F1.  James bought this truck in 2001 with the intent of using it on weekends  for runs to Home Depot.  After seven years of research and a lot of time in the garage he knows a lot more about the history of Ford cars and trucks and has gained several useful skills along the way.  It’s almost fully restored now with the help of his son and several of the club members.  James is looking forward to finally brining the truck out of the garage and participating in club events.



Larry and Elaine Arrowood,  1956 Buick, Roadmaster Sedan. This is an original car that has been stored for thirty-four years in a car port in Texas.  It has factory air, and several accessory options.  I purchased it from the second owners who purchased it as a trade-in from the original dealer  in 1958 . Solid car, no thru rust and never wrecked.  Small rub indentation on upper left front fender.  Needs a lot but a jewel in the rough.



Larry & Elaine Arrowood, 1956, Buick Roadmaster


Larry & Elaine Arrowood,  1956,  Buick Special  Station  Wagon


Bob & Elaine Fritz, 1953, Buick Skylark


Bob & Elaine Fritz, 1941, Buick 90 series limo


  Bob & Sherry Speights, 1972, Datsun 240Z 


Ted & Dawn Wylie, 1968, Buick LeSabre 400 convertible.  49,499 original miles and is in excellent, un-restored, condition. 


Richard Fleener, 1959, Chevrolet El Camino 


  Richard Fleener, 1965, Ford Thunderbird


Richard Fleener, Left clockwise  1969, Ford Talladega, 1969, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Cale Yarborough Special, 1969, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Dan Gurney Special   Now that’s a bad bunch of cars!!


  Pam & J.W. Irvin, 1964, Cadillac


Pam & J.W. Irvin, 1949, Chevrolet


 Curt and Debby Curtiss, 1960 Corvette