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Jeff & Jennifer Manfre’s beautifully restored ’58 Karman Ghia was the featured cover car Antique Automobile Magazine for the September/October edition

Member(s) Jeff & Jennifer Manfre’s beautifully restored ’58 Karman Ghia was the featured cover car that graced Antique Automobile Magazine for the September/October edition. We decided that since the Manfres were kind enough to share their ‘Ghia at so many of our events, having their car selected for the magazine cover was a huge accomplishment.

And so last night the club bestowed upon them a professionally framed 24×36 keepsake depicting their car. Thank you Manfre(s) for your involvement in our club and for the neat story of your family’s original ownership of that beautiful machine!

Here’s a few photos of the proud Member Geoff Manfre.

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November 30, 2015
Hello Friends,By now I’m sure it feels like I’m “just one of the family” with how often I’ve come to you in this past week, but I come with glad tidings———–and good news. I hope this finds you had a great visit with friends and family and did your part to reduce the turkey population all in good spirit!

If you didn’t catch onto my “dues” hint in the last edition by literally changing every word in my Newsletter from “do” to “due”————it was intended as a humorous reminder from your Treasurer Marifran Hiltz that the $20.00 local dues are due! It occurs to me that with your Membership Appreciation Dinner Banquet & Dance invitation and SASE ready to hit your respective mailboxes on Monday & Tuesday, this is a convenient time to pay your dues and use the pre-paid return envelope provided by us since its headed to the same P.O. Box. And I DO hope you’ll choose to renew to see what fun is in store for 2016. I’m reasonably sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.Regrettably, your Board wasn’t able to get our ballot completed in time for the mass mailing, but it is complete now and, as a time-saver I’ve enclosed it here as an attachment for you to likewise vote and also use the SASE headed to you in the mail should you choose to do so. Please note this is not absolutely required as we will mail you a hard copy as well as we’ve done in year’s past for anonymity sake.After having made several requests seeking prospective candidates or suggested nominees for this years Ballot with no new names or suggested nominees, there isn’t much to report but for a few changes you’ll discern on the ballot below. Most notably we do not have new names for any Board roles in the competitive sense, but instead we sought to replace 2 current at-large Members (Ted Wylie & Anthony Wilfert) because their weekly schedules are such that it was difficult for them to be physically present at Board Meetings held on weekday evenings. And so those 2 fine members while having served you honorably by their representation have agreed to step aside to allow for 2 new At-Large Member candidates who can be physically present for any contributions their presence might offer. It’s important to note that both Ted Wylie & Anthony Wilfert graciously agreed to step up last year when no one else would, but because of their proximity to the usual Board meetings, even with the benefit of technology, our attempts at speaker-phone-type communications was strained at best which precipitated discussions that an alternative might serve the club better. [Watch for our more formal gratitude for these folks on the eve of the Membership Appreciation Dinner Banquet & Dance].

More news you can use———–Member Jim Pfeffer has a gallery of his fine automotive art at the Cool Springs Galleria Mall insidea place just outside Belks called “Art is in Market” (play on words? Artisan?); I had a chance to visit Jim there over the weekend to marvel at some of his incredible works of art. So my Siskel & Ebert-esque report is that you simply MUST own one of Jim’s great pieces. There is a good variety of art mediums and pricing for all budgets. Jim isn’t always personally there, but if you’re lucky enough to catch him there as I did he offered some great insights to me about the detail that goes into every piece that I’m certain even the most casual observer will enjoy.

This issue offers more links and photos that I’ve been saving for awhile now that I hoped to get in before year’s end. I seemingly find so many incredible cars or car stories online, but your links and stories you continue to forward surely makes for a great read so I appreciate all of your submissions.

As we venture into a new year, if you’d like to see anything different or better in the newsletter please do let me know and I’ll do my best to include it.

I do have a request of YOU———I’d love to see photos of any past cars you’ve owned, or interesting submissions about cars you’ve had even if they’re brief. If you can text a photo to this e-mail, or scan and e-mail those photos to me, I’ll assist you any way that I can to include them.

Have a great week gang and we hope to see your smiling faces on Wednesday evening for our last December Dinner meeting at Jim & Nick’s BBQ. And if I don’t catch you there, I hope you can join in for the Christmas parade next Saturday!

Until next time~

Battlefield Bulletin November 26, 2015

November 26, 2015


Hello Folks!

How due you due?
I hope this finds you had a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with friends and family with “all the fixin’s” the way alot of us due at this time of year. It was a gorgeous day today with temps in the upper 60’s tomorrow so I’m certain I’ll find plenty to due tomorrow as well.

In any event, if you’ve not already received it, be on the lookout for a call to personally invite you to the Member Appreciation Dinner Banquet & Dance for this year’s big to-due. Any day now you will be receiving your special dinner invitation along with your menu selections for this year so please complete those and get them back to us in timely fashion so we can work on our to-due list between now and then to make this another great event for us to see and enjoy those who can make it.

This installment has alot to cover so let me get right to the fun!

Our next dinner meeting will be held at Jim & Nick’s BBQ in Cool Springs across from Chick-fil-a on Mallory Lane. It’s important to note that December’s dinner meeting is on Wednesday, December 2nd, at 6:30pm instead of Thursday since that date is already booked. I know of other car clubs who have successfully held their meetings there with a good overall experience, and I’m sure this will be no exception. Please be sure to post a reminder to yourself it’s next Wednesday,not Thursday this time since next Thursday was already booked (sorry for any unanticipated inconvenience to anyone who can’t make it on Wednesday).

Also! Equally important is this year’s Kiwanis Club Christmas parade in Franklin. I’ve spoken to our Kiwanis dignitary, David Knight who confirmed that they can use as many classic cars for the parade as are willing to attend. The date of this year’s parade will be December 5th. Consistent with last year, all volunteer classic cars should arrive at the vacant parking lot off Boyd Mill Avenue directly across from the skate park. There will be a sign that says “Classic Cars” to help direct you to where you should be lining up. Of course the loooooong line of Classics (people & cars) should be clearly evident. It’s important that your car be present no later than 12:00 noonfor a timely 1:00pm departure on the parade route thru historic downtown Franklin, TN. [If you’re one that has the magnetic Battlefield AACA signs, please display them proudly on your car for this event; If you have a magnetic sign, but are unable to attend, please let me know so we can borrow your magnetic sign for another member’s car].

Please also let me take this time to mention that Member David Knight has asked that I place the Membership on notice that on December 4th, 2015 he is having a cancerous right kidney removed and will not be able to attend the parade this year so he would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for what should be a very straight-forward surgey to his understanding. David shared with me that this discovery was luckily caught in time and should still allow him to enjoy a good quality of life. Even still with all the optimisim David professed, please due keep he & Marilyn in mind.

For those of you who know former Battlefield Region AACA President Dave Cavender, he too recently had minor surgery and is recovering. His wife Sandy has kept many of us apprised as Dave makes his recovery. I would ask for any thoughts/prayers you might extend to one of our own.

As these concerns seemingly come in “threes”, honorable long-time Member Carl Schutt has recently moved to Brighton Gardens in Brentwood, Tennessee. Carl hasn’t asked this of me, but I know him well enough to know that our dear friend would welcome any calls or visits by the Membership who might be so inclined. 

I’ve had a few requests for the latest roster and have attached it here for your consideration.

Our beloved Treasurer Marifran has asked me to remind you of something needed of our Members, but for the life of me I cannot seem to recall what it is she asked me to DUE perhaps it will come to me before the end of this Newsletter.

Thank you to all the Members who have contributed and continue to contribute interesting auto-themed stories for all to enjoy. It makes my job easier and a pleasure to due.

If you have any questions, care to share any details about any classic cars or classic car projects, please don’t hesitate to forward that onto me and I’ll see what I can due to get it into the Newsletter.

Until next time……………..